Listen up, space nerds! This week we’re talking about the movie that doubles as our favorite recent catnip for space nerds, The Martian. Yeah, that’s right. A movie so good we’ll mix all kinds of awkward metaphors! Over two hours of people working together to do amazing things and save people. What a nice change of pace from all the murders and dystopias.

Plus, this episode has it all: Sean “Dadbod” Bean, water on Mars, news cycle synergy, optimistic sci-fi, maybe letting Matt Damon stay marooned for once, the eventual director’s cut of the all-Chiwetel version (as the Martian! as the head of NASA! as the Rover!), the bullshit-ness of the Face on Mars, and Lisa’s continued, worrying inability to remember anyone’s name.

If you have any recommendations for Mars content, let us know!

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