It’s Dragon Week! Jules has so much to say about Dragon Age, and Lisa’s got a shout-out for her seventh grade English teacher. But that’s not all: there’s plenty more discussion about dragons, big lizards, dinosaurs, what makes for an unsatisfying gaming experience, nostalgia for crappy games and jobs of the past, and an open invitation for Gerard Butler to join us anytime. Seriously. Anytime. So many questions about his choices. SO MANY.

Show Notes:

  • Patricia Wrede’s The Enchanted Forest Chronicles @ Powell’s –
  • S. Andrew Swann’s Dragons and Dwarves: Novels of the Cleveland Portal @ Powell’s –
  • Watch Reign of Fire –
  • Watch How to Train Your Dragon –
  • Buy Dragon Age: Inquisition –
  • See the hilariously old-school handheld game Lisa played as a kid –
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