A Bond movie is a Bond movie is a Bond movie. Right? Like a good romance novel, you get what you expect. Although the Daniel Craig era initially seemed like it offered something new (beyond the blond Bond) … uh, it doesn’t, really. Jules and Lisa dig into Spectre and try to figure out how it stacks up against the likes of Casino Royale and Skyfall, with brief dips into fandom’s obsession with the latest Q and whether swapping a couple of Bond girls would have made a better movie altogether. Oh, and how exactly can the next Bond movie integrate tentacle porn?

Both agree: the less said about Quantum of Solace, the better.

If you’re a noob to classic Bond, Lisa’s even got recommendations for you! Remember: nod and smile when she starts talking about Lazenby–no sudden movements!–and everything will be just fine.

Show notes:

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