While Jules is on vacation, Lisa Eastham (Charter Member of the Roger Deakins Appreciation Society) returns to Bossy Britches to talk about Sicario–and we somehow do it without spoiling anything major!

The latest from Denis Villenueve, this bleak, violent, gorgeous movie is the best argument yet for Roger Deakins to get that Cinematography Oscar (COME ON, THE ACADEMY). It’s also garnering a lot of buzz about Benicio del Toro’s chances for a second Best Supporting Actor award. And if Emily Blunt doesn’t at least get a nod, we’re going to freak. out.

The Lisas are of course not at all biased about any of the above but very strongly believe Sicario is the logical choice for every award, as long as it’s an Oscar for Roger Deakins.

When you’re done with Sicario and your subsequent visit to the nearest puppy-cuddling party, check out Lisa Eastham’s The Roger Deakins Project!

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