Jules and Lisa are starting a book club and you’re invited! This summer we’re re-reading the Harry Potter series, one book every other weeks, from the first owl in Privet Lane to the last kid’s kid bundled off to Hogwarts. Drop us a line on Twitter, Tumblr, or in email–or even here in the comments! We want to hear about your favorite parts of the books, what you would have done better, the best headcanon you ever dreamed up, and anything else you want to hear about on an episode of the Great Bossy Britches Summer Book Club of Many Many Feelings and Staying Indoors*!

*Name subject to change, unless you want that on a t-shirt? We’ll talk.

It’s finally a storm-free day, and the technical glitches have cleared. Time for a new Bossy Britches short! Lisa and Jules have your Netflix recommendations for this month, including quite a bit of the streaming service’s original programming. Then, we’re joined by our very special guest, Mindi Barraza-Corral, to talk about the ways we found Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to be broken.

Show Notes:

  • Arthur Chu on race & stereotypes in Kimmy Schmidt –
  • Libby Hill on the Native American subplot –
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