Lisa and Jules are joined this week by Maura Elliott of The Televoid to talk about Serial, the wildly popular spinoff podcast from This American Life. And, ooh, we’ve got big questions. What makes true crime such an enticing genre of infotainment? How do we feel about the show’s deliberate construction of a narrative? Can you ever get to an objective truth? Why do we keep getting sucked into subreddits, blogs, and Murderpedia spirals? And how scary will the internet get when this story ends?

We’re reversing our posting order this week and next so we don’t interfere with your Serial-binging (or ours)! We’ll be back later this week with a Bossy Short, and again next Tuesday with another special guest to talk about some of the thornier questions that have been raised around Serial.

Show Notes:

  • Listen to Serial @ iTunes –
  • This American Life 507: Confessions @ Soundcloud –
  • Read The Brain on Trial @ The Atlantic –
  • Buy The Devil in the White City @ Powell’s –
  • Buy The Suspicions of Mr Whicher @ Powell’s –
  • Buy The Moonstone @ Powell’s –
  • Listen to Criminal @ iTunes –
  • Listen to Sword and Scale @ iTunes –
  • Read about the Maura Murray case @ Wikipedia –
  • James Renner’s investigation blog –
  • /r/serialpodcast @ Reddit –
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