Special guest Carly Lane is back with Lisa and Jules to talk about the new Netflix series, Sense8, which was just renewed for a second season! If you haven’t watched yet, you should. Like, now. Now? Yes, go. But come back! Because we’re all about this show, from the delicious character development to the weightier issues of sex, love, communication, consciousness, childbirth, Jean-Claude Van Damme, family, loss, and trust.

Okay, but don’t worry! It’s not about philosophy at all, that’s just a bonus! In their first(?) television series, the Wachowskis give us exactly what we want: explosions, a psychic orgy, betrayals, body sharing, machete fights, and did we mention the psychic orgy? Because that is definitely a thing.

Awkward segue: what’s the first thing you would do with your sensate cluster? Let us know here or on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook!

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