Time for some TOOKEN 3 with Liam Neesons! Lisa and Jules are talking all things revenge, from comedies to smashmouth action to things that should absolutely be rebooted with Dwayne Johnson as the star (seriously, we’ll pitch ideas all day long if this can happen. How about an 18th century French period action movie? Come on!). And we’re looking for recommendations for revenge action movies with woman in central roles that aren’t about rape! It’s probably a depressingly small list.

Show Notes:

  • Read Dad Magazine @ The Toast!
  • Here are all of the revenge stories we talked about in this episode. Asterisks mean recommended!
    • First Wives Club*
    • Overboard*
    • The Other Woman
    • Non-Stop
    • Taken
    • Taken 2*
    • Taken 3
    • The Grey*
    • Live Free or Die Hard
    • A Good Day to Die Hard
    • True Grit**********************
    • The Losers*
    • Columbiana*
    • Death Wish
    • Alias
    • Marvel’s Agent Carter*
    • Revenge
    • The Count of Monte Cristo
    • National Treasure*
    • León: The Professional*
    • Heathers* (Buy the book by John Ross Bowie @ Powell’s)
    • Carrie
    • Oldboy* (the original Korean version)
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